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About Judith

Compassionate Soul Guardians & Conservators is a company dedicated to providing holistic guardianship services to the clients we serve. We are exactly what our name suggests, compassionate souls dedicated to serving persons in need of guardianship, conservatorship and care management services.

Judith Klemos is the founder of Compassionate Soul Guardians & Conservators and a retired Indiana Social Worker with 27 years experience serving for-profit and not-for-profit agencies. Her vast and unique work history is a great asset in her work. She has worked in hospice and long term care facilities, as well as agencies providing residential and day programming for the intellectually challenged. She also worked as a psychiatric therapist, as well as a hospital social worker.

After moving to Michigan in 2014 she desired a way to put her unique expertise to work in such a way that serves those with the greatest need. In researching existing guardians she discovered a need for compassionate providers willing to serve the whole person, not just someone’s basic needs. It is her intention to serve the Greater Good by providing holistic management services to Southeastern, MI. She is a member of both the National and Michigan Guardianship Associations.


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A guardian appointed by the probate court is legally responsible for caring for a person and making necessary related decisions, including but not limited to healthcare and living arrangements.

Care Management

Providing coordination of care needs and services to protect and improve the individual’s quality of life. This includes managing private caregiving agencies as well as organizing medications and medical professional appointments.


It is our intention to build strong and healthy relationships with each of our wards and their caregivers to ensure that more than just their basic needs are met.


It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Judith Klemos as a professional guardian. I am a retired licensed social worker and I first met Judith when we worked together at Harbor Light Hospice, over 20 years ago. I was immediately impressed with her compassion and listening skills. She showed a great deal of empathy and care for her patients and their families and always met the patients ‘where they were at’.

She has a unique ability to offer solutions that were not previously being considered or explored in a manner that is supportive and non-confrontational. She has excellent communication skills and uses clear and concise language with purpose and intent.

She has the personality, compassion and knowledge to serve this population with the utmost trust and dedication.

— Michelle Higel LSW (ret)

I worked with Judith at a hospice organization, specifically in the bereavement department. Judith was hired to manage a heavy caseload of bereaved, which included managing medical records, making phone calls to the bereaved and facilitating support groups. Judith is a quick study, organized and efficient. She was able to find a way to streamline a process to better track and organize the needs of the bereaved we served.

Not only was Judith efficient with the technical side, but her true gifts were also demonstrated through how she treated those who are experiencing a crisis. She is kind, compassionate, understanding, and reverent.

Judith’s best quality is the ability to understand a person despite their differences, she seeks to understand someone rather than impose or judge. I highly recommend Judith as a candidate to individuals in need of guardianship.

— Becky Hall LMSW

I have known Judith for nearly 20 years and have had the pleasure of calling her my friend. We have worked together in many different capacities as colleagues. In all capacities, Judith has always been a reliable counterpart.

She has always shown an intrinsic ability to find solutions in difficult life situations. I have had the privilege of seeing Judith’s compassion first hand. She worked with my grandmother as she transitioned and supported my mother during that time. Then again, when my own father died, she helped us all navigate through the emotional and extraneous stressors.

I have absolute confidence in Judith’s experience, resourcefulness, and ability to make thoughtful decisions to help enrich the lives of the individuals that she will be working with.

— Lauren Pelligrini-Hubster LCSW



Oakland County, Michigan, USA